System Integration with AMX products

AMX integrations, KNX visualization.

Pro-Solve Consult OÜ has been a recognised and independent partner of AMX, the Verified Independent Partner (VIP) since 2013. In addition to consulting customers in private and commercial buildings, the company also provides the installation and programming of AMX services/equipment in projects where AMX products are already installed or intended to be used.

We have focused on building automation, integrating communication between devices, KNX logic, creating a software visual for smart devices, and connecting different audiovisual systems. The user interface is made simple and logical.

For installers of AMX products!

You are running a project that is planning to install AMX devices, but you do not have enough resources or labour? You’ve reached the right place. We’re here to help you. Contact us immediately.

We advise you on finding the right AMX products.

We will assist you in the installation of AMX equipment.

We’ll design and make the AMX touch panels and user interface the best for you.

  • System Specification and Documentation
  • Upgrade from Axcess platform to Netlinx platform
  • New system on Netlinx platform
  • System changes and updates for both Axness and Netlinx platforms
  • Development and customization of the control module
  • AMX System Testing and Adjusting on-site
  • System Testing and Management off-site remotely